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10 Best Upscale Restaurants in Seattle

Seattle boasts of fantastic waterfront views, a mild climate, and a lively music atmosphere. It is a beautiful place to live and visit, making it possible for the city to attract people from all over the world.

The city’s infrastructural and architectural layout is a reflection of its historical heritage and modern lifestyle. The diversity of people comes with an assortment of food, making Seattle home to a host of unique and delicious delicacies

In no particular order, here is a list of the best restaurants in Seattle.

The Walrus and The Carpenter

Specialty: Seafood

Address: 4743 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Hours: 4-9 p.m. everyday

Google rating: 4.5 (1,250 reviews)

Overview: Enjoy an unforgettable night out with friends with their special delicacies prepared with perfection. The Walrus and The carpenter is famous for making exceptional meals such as fresh local oysters, smoked fish, steak tartare, local cheese, and other mouthwatering dishes. It is the gold standard for Pacific Northwest restaurants.


Specialty: Pacific NW fare

Address: 2576 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Hours: 5-11 p.m. everyday

Google rating: 4.7 (1,563)

Overview: Canlis is the perfect destination for your special night occasions. Their exquisite wine serving, with beef tartare, capers, mustard, malted pancake with fermented cabbage, and other delicacies, is one of the best in town. With well over 60 years of top-notch service and fine fare, you’re surely going to have a good time.

Matt’s In the Market

Specialty: American/Pacific NW cuisine

Address: 94 Pike St #32, Seattle, WA 98101

Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 5-10 p.m. Monday-Saturday

Google rating: 4.6 (722 reviews)

Overview: The lunch menu at Matt’s is exceptional. Their pork sandwich and catfish are a couple of many favorites. Getting a table at this essential Seattle restaurant is strictly by reservation. So to enjoy an afternoon of remarkable meal experience, hurry up now to book a reservation.

Tarsan | Jane

Specialty: Spanish/Valencian

Address: 4012 Leary Way NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Hours: 6-10 p.m. Thursday-Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday

Google rating: 4.7 (140 reviews)

Overivew: Tarsan | Jane is the destination for you if you want to enjoy special dishes slightly different from the standard Seattle fine-dining option. Their tasty meals are meticulously prepared and served beautifully with wines.

The Pink Door

Specialty: Italian

Address: 1919 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101

Hours: 4-8 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday

Google rating: 4.6 (3,834 reviews)

Overview: Looking for a unique dinner and a show option with tasty food in Seattle? Pink Door is the spot to be. It offers trapeze and burlesque shows, as well as amazing terrace views of Elliott Bay. It’s delicious menu includes affordable 3-course meals, and a wide range of entrees, sides, desserts and wines.


Specialty: Asian Fusion

Address: 300 E Pike St #1200, Seattle, WA 98122

Hours: 4-8 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday 

Google rating: 4.5 (770 reviews)

Overivew: From Vietnamese chilled coffee creams to crispy stock chicken, fresh rolls stuffed with fried duck, chilly pork ribs covered with spices, jasmine rice, and a side of goat and pumpkin, Stateside is different from any other restaurant in the Emerald City.

Shiro’s Sushi

Specialty: Sushi

Address: 2401 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Hours: 5-10 p.m. everyday

Google rating: 4.6 (1,576 reviews)

Overview: Enjoy the unbeatable traditional Tokyo style of sushi in this quintessential Japanese restaurant. Shiro’s tasty menu includes an appetizer, entrees, sashimi, soup, sushi, and dessert. Their patrons include business people, sport and entertainment celebrities, and local sushi fans.

How to Cook a Wolf

Specialty: Italian

Address: 2208 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Hours: 4-9 p.m. everyday

Google rating: 4.6 (571 reviews)

Overview: This superb restaurant is famous for its name and its special Italian inspired delicacies made from simple local ingredients. Dishes such as roasted lambs, potato gnocchi, sea scallops are served in an eye-popping way that leaves you drooling for more.

Café Campagne

Specialty: French bistro

Address: 1600 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101 

Hours: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday-Sunday

Google rating: 4.5 (827 reviews)

Overview: Café Campagne prepares meticulously prepared French classics for French delicacy lovers, bringing a feel of a typical Parisian culture to Seattle dwellers. Special egg delicacies, such as brioche French toast, fluffy quiche, etc. Other dishes include steak fries, lamb burger, handmade charcuterie, and roast stout are people’s favorite.

Cascina Spinasse

Specialty: Italian

Address: 1531 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Hours: 4-8 p.m. everyday

Google rating: 4.7 (797 reviews)

Overview: You can’t go wrong with Spinasse classic Italian cuisine. This restaurant is famous for its made in heaven pasta, creamy egg yolk noodles, buttered tajarin, tasty rabbit, and spiced pork. The excellence of preparation and customer service is another thing that will leave you with a lasting experience.