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Seattle Business Review is an online publication that provides news, information, guides, self-help tips and general articles geared toward people living in and visiting the Emerald City and surrounding areas.

We employ a small team of writers — most of them based in Seattle, Tacoma and Kings County — who produce daily content for our website. They are experienced, knowledgeable and committed to delivering quality story telling to help you make the best decisions on where you go and who you buy from.

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Meet the team

Gabrielle Johnson, Feature Writer

Gabrielle Johnson photo

Gabrielle is a lifelong Seattle resident who enjoys writing, exercising, traveling, and meeting new people. She also has a passion for romance novels and smooth lattes.

Sam Kennedy, Photographer

Sam has lived in Olympia for the past six years and loves to call Seattle home. He has born and raised on in a small town outside Fresno California. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters in his free time.

Cheryl Glover, Editor-in-Chief

Cheryl is award-winning journalist who has written and edited for several newspapers and online publications on the west coast. She lives is Redmond with her Muffin, her beloved Boston Terrier.