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The Best Keto Diet For Beginners

The ketogenic diet is one that induces the production of ketone bodies, a process called ketosis. To achieve this, one must drastically reduce the main source of energy of the body – that is, carbohydrates.

Though this might seem simple on the surface, it can be challenging in practice. For this reason, we show you the basics of the keto diet for those just starting out with it.

Carbs are the body’s main source of energy and the main supplier of glucose. If we eat less of them, the body begins to burn fat and produce ketone bodies. This is the reason why the keto diet is so effective for losing weight.

The greatest key to following a keto diet is to reduce the main sources of carbohydrates. You should avoid sugars, cereals, legumes and derivatives, and, believe it or not, many fruits and vegetables.

Carbohydrates should be limited to 10% of daily calories or less. The rest of our diet should be foods rich in protein and healthy fats.

Needless to say, sweets and desserts are not allowed – or should be minimized greatly. You must also avoid rice, pasta, noodles, quinoa , amaranth , oatmeal and everything that contains it, all kinds of beans, and some fruits and vegetables.

The only vegetable options that are permitted in a paleo diet are avocados as fats, olives, nuts and seeds predominate. Even so, it is necessary to monitor the quantities because in large proportions and depending on the person’s body we can break the state of ketosis.

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Eat foods with quality protein and fat

The energy must be obtained basically from proteins and fats, but not just any option is recommended. We try to prioritize protein sources that are lean and nutritious, such as fresh red and white meats, fish of all kinds, eggs and dairy without sugar added.

Among the sources of fat, we choose foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as vegetable oils, nuts of all kinds, seeds, olives, capers or avocado. These foods have fat that are accompanied by good nutrients.

Eating these foods and combinations of them can be done in unlimited quantities. Consuming them fills the body and replaces the mains sources of carbohydrates.

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Instead of whole wheat bread for breakfast or oatmeal, we should opt for an omelette with eggs and cheese, or avocado and natural yogurt without sugar.

The ketosis process requires moderation. It is not recommended to stay on this type of diet for an unlimited time as some side effects may take hold.
Before jumping into the keto diet headfirst, you may want to consult a health professional.

A specialist may help you maintain the ketosis process, which can be easily broken by the ingestion of sugars in a sedentary person or by eating many more carbohydrates for a physically active person.

What that means is the ketosis process is achieved and preserved differently depending on the person, therefore, professional advice can be very valuable to help you follow the diet.

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Recipes to get you started

When starting a ketogenic diet it can be very be challenging to prepare meals and snacks if you are used to eating certain foods that aren’t allowed with the diet.

To get started, you may find following recipes to be useful:

  • Avocado chocolate mousse: for sweet lovers, the keto diet can be extremely difficult to carry out. This dessert option will fulfill your needs.
  • Almond and peanut butter: these are simple alternatives that will be used to replace jams, jellies or other spreading options .
  • Keto bread: this recipe is a savior for those who love to consume biscuits or breads.
  • Cheesecake: here is another sweet option for dessert or snack between meals.
  • Keto lasagna: you won’t notice the noodle replacement once it’s covered with meat and cheese.

To add an exercise program to your fitness regimen, you may consider belly dancing. It is fun and burns tons of calories.