moose in natural habitat

Best Places To See Wildlife In Seattle, WA

If you really enjoy the outdoors and all that is natural, Seattle is the place for you to visit. With its climate, terrain, and beautiful surroundings, the Emerald City delivers the best of most worlds. Mountains, volcanoes, trees, sand, and sea are found in and around this unique city.

In addition to the stunning scenery, there are plenty of places to find a better view of the local wildlife. It’s a big part of the outdoors, after all, and the little ones that you’ve brought with you (if you’ve brought children) will love seeing all the animals.

Seattle has the distinct advantage of having multiple zoos and aquariums within a short drive, as well as several other unique ways to view wildlife in more natural habitats and settings. Below, we give you a brief summary to whet your appetite and encourage you to seriously consider these excursions.

Northwest Trek

The first animal exhibit we will highlight is a bit of a drive from Seattle, but it’s worth every mile. Northwest Trek is a 715-acre park that offers a 435-acre overland tram tour where animals roam freely in their natural habitats. There are 30 species represented along the migration route and more than 200 animals within these species. It’s a great way to see American animals without bars, cages, and barriers.

Cougar Mountain Zoo

Next on our list of unique wildlife viewing opportunities is Cougar Mountain Zoo. This zoo is different because it focuses on endangered species. One of the more fascinating things about Cougar Mountain is that it focuses on educating visitors about the animals it has. The zoo offers various lectures throughout the day on the different animals it raises. Not only will you witness the magic of rare and beautiful creatures, you will also receive a profound lesson about the conservation and importance of each creature in the cycle of life.

Wolf Haven International

The next attraction to mention is Wolf Haven International. This organization ensures the rescue and protection of wolves born in captivity. Wolf Haven also delivers education to the public about these large animals. Hourlong walking tours are provided daily, and only walking tours will allow you to see wolves. If you have the slightest interest in these creatures, we highly recommend a visit to Wolf Haven as a potential highlight of your trip to Seattle, WA.

Whale Watching

One of the things that people think about most when visiting Seattle is whale watching. It would definitely be a failure on our part if we didn’t include information about it here. There are many charter companies offering whale watching tours that depart daily from Seattle. The most popular time of year for this is from April to September, and the San Juan Islands are a great place to see these great creatures. We recommend booking in advance, especially during peak season. Besides seeing the great whales, you will also enjoy a relaxing boat ride.

On Your Own

You may also consider heading out to the many parks Seattle has to offer to see wildlife in their true natural elements. For these excursions, we suggest checking out Mount Rainier’s Paradise, Mount Saint Helens Wildlife Area, Deception Pass State Park, and Larrabee State Park. Visit the Washington State Parks website for more information.