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Best Tailgating Activities For The Big Game

Are you looking for the Best Outdoor Tailgating Games to play at a big football game? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Below we’ve included some of our favorite outdoor tailgating games for your next game day party. From Catch & Toss to Giant Wooden Tumbling Timbers to Ladder Toss and Cornhole, we’ve got you covered! These games are perfect for any football tailgate!

Catch & Toss

A classic outdoor tailgate game, Catch & Toss allows you to engage in friendly competition among team members and friends. This sport requires only a ball and a couple of paddles, and it is fun for both kids and adults. Two teams play at a time, with one person yelling a number from 100 to 500. If the ball lands in the hole, it earns the team three points. The first team to reach 21 points wins!

If you have plenty of space, consider buying a game kit that includes beer rings. You can customize the set of beer rings to reflect the dynamics of your group. Aside from beer, you can also use a ruler to determine winners. The beer rings are a great target for this game. Place them on top of the car to keep the players occupied while enjoying the game.

Giant Wooden Tumbling Timbers

The Yard Games Giant Wooden Tumbling Timbers are among the most popular options available today. This tumbling timbers game features 56 sturdy wooden pieces with varying sizes ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 inches in diameter. Each piece is constructed from hand-sanded and kiln-dried pine. The game is surprisingly durable and includes a high-strength carrying case.

Another favorite game for tailgating is Giant Wooden Tumbling Timbers, which is a giant version of Jenga. These blocks can stack to over five feet tall, so it is a great game for tailgating parties. You’ll need a lot of people to play the game, so it’s best to get a large area for it.

Ladder Toss

Previously known as Horsey Golf, the game of ladder toss is simple to learn and easy to play. There are two main components to the game: throwing ladders and catching them with the balls. A ladder can be a tall one, short one, or something in between. The objective of the game is to hit the rungs of the opponent’s ladder.

The key to playing Ladder Toss is to use two different-colored ladders with three rungs on each side. They are 13 feet apart and have different colored rungs. Ladders can be made from hard plastic, metal, or wood. Many ladders are foldable for easy storage. If there is a large group of people at the tailgate, a ladder set is a great idea.

Go Long Football Dice Game

This fun and fast-paced dice game is based on the #1 sport in the United States – football. It’s a four-quarter game where players attempt to march 100 yards down the field, pass or run, and then go long for a touchdown. The game can be played with one player, two players, or teams. It also teaches basic football rules. Here are the rules for the GoLong Football Dice Game.

To start the game, players roll the white die for each offensive play. Each time a player completes a play, they are awarded yardage by using the die. The player must check the appropriate section below if he or she wants to use the other die. A player who succeeds in the roll of the dice for a touchdown is automatically awarded the touchdown. Otherwise, a player who makes an extra yardage on a second down is awarded that many yards.


Whether you’re in the mood for some friendly competition or want to get everyone involved in a team effort, the ultimate game for tailgating is BucketBall. This family-friendly game can be played anywhere and is a great way to get everyone involved. BucketBall comes in two different versions: the original Beach Edition and the Giant Beer Pong Edition. You can choose between a red solo cup for the original version, or go with a brightly colored Giant Bucket for a more aggressive game.

Another game that works well at tailgates is KanJam. This game requires agility and accuracy while still being easy enough for anyone to play. Each player takes turns throwing the disc and trying to deflect it for points. Each player has a different color sack, so you can mix things up a bit and add variety to the game. You can purchase the game separately or as a set and get everything you need for an easy and fast game.