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Does Concrete Paint Really Work?

Quite a few homeowners report that their concrete doesn’t look as good as it once did. Some of the concrete loses its appearance and cracks, holes, and rust spots appear.

These examples deter from the appearance of the house and many may find it unattractive. The solutions that people use for this problem are usually to cover the entire surface of the concrete with something different totally, but covering the concrete does not solve the problem. It only provides a temporary fix.

The real solution to this problem is to use a good concrete paint, and there are a lot of good options available.

You can use concrete paint to cover the entire surface and make it look very different and more appealing. Paint will help you change the look and you can also add sand to the paint to avoid problems such as slipping or falling on the concrete due to water or cracks.

When we talk about changing or replacing concrete, we are talking about an expensive job that will almost certainly take time and effort and can upset the family that has lived in the house for some time. Therefore, concrete problems must first be attempted to be solved, with quicker and easier solutions.

An easier solution to restore concrete

The solution of painting the concrete is much shorter and easier than redrawing and repairing the entire surface of the concrete. All you have to do is visit a local hardware store and decide what color you want, buy other things necessary for this project, find some spare time, and paint your concrete.

There is also room for creativity when painting your concrete. You can buy some different colors, plan the way you want to paint it and paint geometric shapes, different patterns, words and letters, colors that match the colors, colors of the concrete. You can also use templates for these shapes. You need to make or keep permanent stencils and use them to make your concrete look unique. Take a look at these ideas for painting a concrete floor.

Prep for painting and staining

The only important thing is that before painting the concrete, inspect the entire surface of the concrete to make sure it is clean and dry. Either way, you should clean the entire surface to make sure there are no oil stains, and to ensure there is no water on the surface because concrete can absorb a lot of water.

You can clean the surface by using a broom on the dry surface, then using a broom and strong detergent, such as those used for washing at home, then removing the soap with water. Once the concrete is clean and dry, you can begin painting.

When you finish painting you will understand how easy and simple it is to reinvent the look of your concrete surface, and you will also understand that if you are bored with colors they can change all the time.

It should be noted that if there is significant concrete cracking in your basement walls and floors, it is advise to consult with a professional contractor. There are many good companies for this in the Seattle region, as well as reputable foundation repair contractors in Spokane, Washington.

Good luck with your new concrete color.