man kissing woman

How to kiss a woman the right way

The basic assumption of romantic kisses is they will be the open-mouthed kinds where tongues take part in the overall action. You can’t simply jump in to this kind of kiss unexpectedly, however. You need to wait for the best moment when she’s ready and willing to kiss you back.

When it comes to kisses, there are several different tactics you should take into consideration. Little kisses on the cheek could score big points, yet things are completely different while lovers share passionate kisses.

Kissing is usually an art form and there is no strategy to improve your kissing skills except through practice. There are no textbooks that may teach you perfectly, though you might find several tips once in a while.

Once you find yourself in the moment, the best thing is to experiment. Keep reading to find our five top tips you can instantly use to turn into an expert kisser right away, and keep her coming back for more.

How To Kiss Like A Pro – Five Top Tips To Excellent Kissing

Tip 1: “Smell Well”

Ensure that your breath is fresh and doesn’t stink. Also, ensure that your mouth isn’t dry. Inch closer and lightly start off with a normal kiss before slowly and gradually parting your lips and making use of your tongue to tease her lower lip slightly.

Tip 2: “Explore Well”

After placing your tongue inside her mouth, do not be scared to slowly explore the territory. You can even coax her tongue to play with yours, if you need.

Tip 3: “Pace Well”

With kissing, you need to take things slow. Which means you shouldn’t just quickly slam your tongue directly into her mouth. That won’t turn her on. Build your kiss and lick up by gradually moving and collecting the movements and pace of the kiss until the moment requires more passionate moves.

Tip 4: “Position Things Well”

Tilt your head a little so your noses don’t collide. This will be sure to destroy the moment. Disregarding the tilt might lead to situations that could screw the thing up.

Tip 5: “Prep Her Well”

The easiest way to get her prepared for the kiss would be to hypnotize her. Seduce her with your words and body language. Make her feel comfortable with your and the environment. Stay calm and let things happen naturally.

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