epoxy floor

Creative Epoxy Flooring Can Enhance The Look Of Living Spaces

More and more new apartments, offices, restaurants and commercial spaces are looking for attractive, unique, healthy and easy-care flooring. Now you can add a touch of shine to the epoxy floor to create a smooth yet attractive floor surface. Most of the time, small flakes are used and applied to an additional colored epoxy substrate.

Although the glow is not noticeable in bright sun, it is perceived as an attractive glow under atmospheric lighting conditions. The floors sparkle with life and create a soft and welcoming atmosphere.

When applying the second coat, the glitter is blown gently onto the floor while the epoxy is still liquid. Swirls prevail and are definitely captured. All you need is a pinch of three finger glitter with an applicator. The most common colors are silver or gold, but other colors or color mixes are also available, including red, blue, green, and copper. A custom floor can easily be created by combining a selection of glitter with one of dozens of epoxy concrete paints and/or color chips.
Other available appearances are granite, tile, and slate. Logos, stripes, and “yellow brick streets” are sometimes placed on the floors of restaurants, “collector’s” garages, basements, and even food factories. The surface treatment can be glossy, matte or satin. Also, floors can be slip resistant, like sandpaper, but are still easy to sweep or clean.
Epoxy companies like Salem Epoxy can install floor coatings on site and do not require joints. Without damaging the surface, the floor covering becomes a continuous membrane that seals the top and bottom. Mold, mildew, and other contaminants cannot penetrate the epoxy membrane and are easy to remove.
Many of the leading flooring manufacturers also manufacture hundres of specialty cleaners. Its special cleaning agents create an application system that ensures optimal adhesion to the floor and optimal use results.

Experts can help customize flooring packages for residential and commercial customers, always including complete procedures for installing and maintaining high-quality epoxy or urethane flooring. To address these unexpected issues and problems, most professional contractors are available by phone throughout the project.

You can find a high resolution selection of brilliant colors by doing online searches. Show your contractors your favorites designs and colors during the estimate phase of the project.

Whether you would like to add epoxy to your concrete garage floor, basement floor or kitchen, it can liven up the space and make it sophisticated and easy to maintain for many years to come.