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How to Repair a Cracked Driveway

To repair a cracked driveway, the first thing you should do is power wash it with a pressure washer. You should also remove weeds and stains from the area. You should wait 24 hours after power washing to apply the resurfacing material. This will prevent the concrete patch from adhering to the oil stains. Make sure the crack is clean and clear. Before applying the resurfacing material, use a chisel to break up the loose debris in the crack.

If you are not sure what you are doing, its best to consult with a professional driveway paving conctractor.

The next step is to apply the filler to the cracked concrete. Mix it with a thinner cement mixture to form a primer for the crack. Pack the patch into the crack with a putty knife, and level it using a straight-edged concrete-finishing trowel. Once the concrete-finishing pail is dry, you can resume wheeled traffic to the driveway. After applying the sealer, you should grind down the old filler to prevent it from sticking.

After applying the sealant, it’s time to wash the entire driveway and apply a coat of concrete paint if you desire.. The cracks should be washed with a hose, and you should try to avoid using a pressure washer as this could damage the concrete. Once you’ve done this, you can use a screwdriver and hammer to chip away loose material from the crack. You can burn any stubborn growth with a weed burner. Once you’ve completed the cleaning and scrubbing, you can proceed with the actual repair.

Once you’ve inspected the cracked surface of the concrete slab, you should decide on the best way to fix it. If it is a narrow crack, you can use a piece of foam to create a base for the repair material. These come in different sizes and shapes. You should choose the rod size based on the size of the crack. If the crack is more than 1/4 inch wide, purchase a foam backer rod that has the right diameter. Insert a screwdriver into the hole. Once you’ve filled the gap with foam, you can then fill it with the concrete repair material.

Large cracks can affect the overall strength of the driveway. If they’re wide, it might be better to demolish the concrete or asphalt and replace the entire driveway, as it will result in unevenness. If it’s wider than half the width of the crack, you’ll need to replace the entire concrete slab, since this will only make the crack deeper. You’ll need to hire a professional if the crack is wider than the size of the patch.

Cracked driveways are not only unsightly, but they also may cause your driveway to crumble if left untreated. You can repair a cracked driveway with a simple patch or even by yourself, if you’ve got the tools and know how to use a tape measure. There are many repair options. Always wear protective clothing and gloves when working on the driveway. If you’re working on a large area, it’s best to hire a professional.